Sweet Caroline

The name is Caroline
Or, Sweet Caroline
Aspring English teacher, writer, and world traveler.
I believe that non-conformity to society is beautiful
I believe in genuine hearts
I believe in never settling for less
I believe hurt leads to new doors if you allow to learn the art of letting go
I believe in making at least one persons day brighter each day of my life
& I believe in beautiful people, God, and leading a prosperous life
And I'll continue to better myself <3
instagram: sweetcaroline___
Anonymous asked: In my practice so far my biggest long term goal has been to really learn to "let go". I try my best to honestly not hold onto anger or jealousy and many other negative emotions. I don't see value in being upset and remaining that way. I choose to forgive by simply releasing the emotion and moving forward-- no matter what. Except one thing... I was assaulted over 14 years ago, I was just a child, yet it still clings to me. How can I claim to move forward when I am still so hung up on the past?



Right thoughts, right words, right intent; this isn’t about brushing negativity aside or letting it take you over. Be honest about what troubles you. Speak truth. Be truth.

Don’t live in fear. Take your right hand and thrust the palm outwards in front of you. Put a halt to all that will terrify and stop you from living. No fear. Be free.

Allow yourself to change. There’s no shame in developing a new attitude toward some bad feelings. Others may not understand why you may suddenly forgive after so much time spent being angry, but don’t worry. You are not static. You can change.


Forrest Curran


no matter what or who inspires you cling to them like they are the last piece of driftwood in a thousand mile radius and you are stranded in the middle of the pacific because i swear to you there is nothing more important than passion i promise you that

Abbi Glines (Misbehaving)  (via justwanttobefound)

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I think he loves me. He hasn’t said it yet, but he treats me like no one ever has. He acts like he can’t live without me, and he never makes me feel unworthy or not good enough…I’m enough for him. Don’t mess it up for me. Because I’d hurt him for you. And in the end you’d hurt me.
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